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How to be on top of the list and increase traffic to your website

Last Friday we have announced on Instagram that we have a list of 200 black owned business on the website including the following :

  • 68 e-commerce businesses

  • 21 photographers

  • 9 fitness center

  • 16 marketing agencies

200 black owned businesses now on
68 e-#commerce #business and more
October 25, 2019

This initiative is the way for me to foster an economy that will ensure funding to black owned businesses and reduce unemployment rate among black workers.

Research has found that if higher-income Black consumers spent at least $1 out of every $10 with Black-owned businesses, it would generate one million jobs for African Americans.

10 ways to support black businesses

We can take look at the story of Black Wall Street in Tulsa as an exemple of a strong black economy.

In Oklahoma, the forces of segregation were gaining strength. Housing segregation was legalized, banning blacks from living in white neighborhoods. The segregation of Tulsa, ironically, strengthened Greenwood’s black business district. The dollars earned by Greenwood’s black professionals as well as the black domestics who made money on the white side of town seemed never to leave Greenwood. Merchants boasted that a black dollar circulated through the black community twenty- six times before it left. As Jim Crow laws were passed throughout the country, the economic effects experienced in Greenwood were replicated, as black communities become economically independent and black merchants and businesses marketed to a captive and loyal market.

Origins of Black Wall Street

How you can add your business to the list

You don’t see a black owned business that you know (it can be your own or someone else’s) on the website. You can easily add to the list online by clicking on the right top corner section stating “add a black owned business”. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the company details to be available on the website.

Add a black owned business here

The company details will show as below once the form is completed.

How to stay on top the list on

The list of black owned businesses is organized in a way to show top rating first and recent additions second. With this sorting, we want visitors to discover new businesses that are being added and being recommended to the website regularly. To put it bluntly, the more a company is loved by the community the higher the possibility for it to be on top of the list longer.

It is very easy to show and receive love as a black consumer and a black entrepreneur on You dont need to sign up to do so. You just have to click on the heart sign.

I have started this and I would like to have your feedback to improve and make it better.

Improve and Make it better

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